Huawei 100% Refund Program
Below are the list of mechanisms:

1. The following are the list of Participating Models and period:

a. Smartphones: MATE 20/MATE 20 PRO/NOVA 2 LITE/NOVA 3/P20 LITE/NOVA 31/P20/P20 PRO/P30/P30


2019/ Y5 2019/Y9 Prime 2019

b. Tablets: T3 7/T510/M31ite 8/M51ite 8/M51ite 10

c. Promotion period: June 15,2019-Aug 31,2019

d. Special Warranty period: 2 Year from date of purchase

2. If consumer discovered an issue on the non-functional of any of these applications, namely, Google Play, Gmail,

Google Map, Google Gallery, Chrome, YouTube, Facebook, lnstagram, and WhatsApp (herein after known as

"APP(s)" )on his Huawei device, consumer is allowed to send in his Huawei device to the respective Retailer store for a

free of charge testing, Such testing shall be conducted on the spot in accordance to testing guidelines. (For clarification

purpose, the non-proper function of APP).

3. Subsequent to the testing, if the APPs are confirmed as non-functional, consumer is entitled to seek for a refund from

the respective Retailer. In the process of seeking refund, consumer shall provide the purchase receipt and original

packaging along with all accessories (including manuals, warranty cards, certificate of authenticity) in respect of the

date and place of purchase.

4. Upon providing refund to consumer, the respective Retailer is entitled to claim such refund from Distributor. Retailer

should provide the proof of purchase, complete unit and special warranty inspection sheet to distributor that is subject

for validation.

5. The total refund cannot exceed its retail price which gives rise to such claim.

6. All parties shOuld keep tile terms aM contents of tnis ·special warranty" program confidential, witf\Out disclose to

other parties.

7. It is suggested to have posters, stickers, stamps for this "Special Warranty" program.